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    GREP: Search and Replace

    TYPE A

      Does anyone know if its possible to take a list (shown on bottom of image) and run a GREP search and replace to create the tabbed list (shown on top of image)?


      I know the majority of it can be done with the regular search and replace: Separating the first and last name; MD and MD #; Zip Code and Phone Number.


      What I haven't been able to figure out is how to add a tab in front of and in back of the 2-digit state abbreviations, the Middle Initial, after the phone number and more importantly if there's a way to add tabs in when there aren't the same amount of lines, such as the Specialty field.


      I know I can use the GREP search and replace to add a tab before every paragraph return, then delete the tab where there is 2 paragraph returns, after each set, then replacing a tab and paragraph return to just a tab, running all the lines together in each set.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if there is anywhere I can learn more about GREP's I'd love to learn it.





      Doctors List Styles.png