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    External CSS file?

    GraphicsGeezer Level 1

      Do I have to write a CSS rule for every symbol and element in a presentation or can I just specify a general rule for the whole thing?


      For example, how can I specify that all images should have a red border, or all links should change color on hover?


      Shouldn't I be able to create a separate CSS file as in Dreamweaver and just attach it?



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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Hi GraphicsGeezer,


          Are you looking for something like this?






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            hemanthR Adobe Employee

            Even though Edge Animate does not support importing style sheets ,you can create a style sheet and include it in HTML file.

            Untill and unless your define some style in tool ,the styles defined in style sheet appear.Styles set in tool for a element in tool takes precendence over style sheet styles as former gets inserted as a inline style.

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              GraphicsGeezer Level 1

              Thanks for your help-- I just realized that you can just add CSS rules to the HTML file that Edge creates, just as if you were creating an ordinary web page. Don't know why I didn't think of it before.

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                clccatx Level 1

                You can also call an external CSS file from the HTML page with the caveat that you need to assign DIV values to any object you want to style and any styles you want to set in the external CSS file will likely need to include “!important” before the closing semicolon of each style in order to override the inline styles generated by Edge Animate.

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                  akouns Level 1

                  Can i get you to elaborate on this statement? This sounds like something that will work for me.


                  I have a text box in my edge composition with a scroll overflow. I have added a class to that text box equivalent to that established in an external css file. In that css i have items to change the look of the scroll bar, text color, and background color.


                  I need a little guidance how to fit all these pieces together.