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    Reinstall LR5 in Adobe CC

    Richard DK

      On 31 March I  signed up for Adobe Creative Cloud under the $9.99 monthly payment option. All went well and I downloaded PS and LR5. The LR however came up as a 30 day free trial; not what I expected or wanted. Today I reviewed the various help menus and was adviced to uninstall the LR5 and then reinstall it  to CC. I have done the uninstall but can not reinstall. But my account still shows both Apps, that is PS and LR, but only the PS loads.  Also  LR is not showing up on the windows start program.


      I am still running LR4.4 as I assume I will need it lrcat to transfer my large image file  to the LR5. My OS is Windows 7




      I am new to this whole cloud business so am probably missing something very simple.


      Hope someone can help me resolve this.


      Richard DK

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          GautamBahl Adobe Employee

          Hi Richard DK,


          Welcome to Adobe Forums.


          If Lightroom shows up to date in creative cloud app even though it is not


          installed then please follow the steps in below article.




          If the issue still persists use the below link to download Lightroom 5.




          Please make sure to complete the very important instructions prior to clicking on the link.



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            Richard DK Level 1

            Hi GautamBahl; Thank you for your prompt reply. However when I finally found the hidden file OPM.db I could not delete it.

            Each time I tried this message would pop up;


            " This action can not be completed because the file is open in Adobe Creative Cloud. Close the file and try again". Which I did several times. Also wondered if just changing the file name a bit would work but was leary that that might cause other problems.


            As far as I know Creative Cloud was not active and I did not open the OPM.db file. beyond clicking on it before trying to delete.


            I uninstalled the new LR5 app several hours ago so that option is already used. And I am very reluctant to close my existing LR4 as it is packed full of valuable images.


            Any further thoughts will be most welcome.