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    Difficulties in downloading the CS6 series


      Dear Pubic,


      I have subscribed to the annual Creative Cloud CC series as a student and was told that I could also download the CS6 series applications, since these are being taught at school. However, I am having a lot of difficulties in downloading the CS6 applications, particularly InDesign, Flash, and Illustrator.


      I have contacted the Customer Service at Adobe.com on many occasions, who after waiting for long time transferred me to their "experts" at their Technical Support Departments, whom after their insistence and requirement to help me, took over of my computer and the liberty in deleting some of my work and personal files and ended up in not assist me with this at all with false promises.


      This is the reason why I am going now public to see if anyone have experienced the same difficulties I have encountered, but at the end was able to solve it? Would you please kindly tell me how I can download the above three applications. I will greatly appreciate it.


      Thank you for your kind and prompt cooperation in this matter.




      Flor Rivas


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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Log into creative.adobe.com and click on the download center. Find the application you want and click on the icon for that application.




          Once you’re on the page for it, scroll down to the “in this version” section. You’ll find a dropdown that you can click on. Choose CS6 and then download.

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            FRivas Level 1

            Thank you for your prompt response and assistance. I and the people at

            Adobe's Technical Dept. did tried all of that with Firefox and Chrome and

            we were not successful in downloading. However, when I tried Safari I was

            able to do it. I guess it had to do with the settings of the browsers,

            which I do not why they did not allowed me to download these applications

            but not other ones.


            Thank you very much,