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    Reducing image size in PS?


      I need to send an image that is approximately 2 MB in size. In PS, I can reduce the image from a larger size to approximately 2MB by reducing the dpi. When I put the images in a folder, the size in the folder is a few hundred KBs. Which is the true size of the image? Any help will be appreciated. I know it is probably something simple concept that I don't grasp. Thanks.

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          DrStrik9 Level 4

          Image Size and File Size are two entirely different things. File size has to do with how your hard drive allocates data (and with image compression in various file formats), while image size has to do with pixel dimensions, color mode, etc.


          If you need to send the file to someone so they can see it but not necessarily open and work with it (as in a review round) then just save your Photoshop file as a jpeg. There are various quality settings that all affect the size of the file.

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            rcolbroth Level 1

            What I have done is scanned painting for my wife at 300dpi and saved as JPEG. She wants to send the into a competiton, but the size can be no bigger that 2MB. I reduced the DPI to 100 and the image size is now approx. 2MB. 2MB is the size the image has to be for submission. I am assuming I should ignore the file size in the folder and only worry about the reduced image size?

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              A camera club buddy of mine was not flash when it came to image size, dpi, resolution etc., so he used to upload his images to flickr at full resolution, but with very high JPG compression.   What amazed me about his pictures was not so much the damage done by the low quality setting, but the tiny size of his pictures.  His full res pictures were coming out at similar file sizes to a typical 1024 x 768 image using a Photoshop setting of 10.


              The whole image size, dpi, resolution, file size thing has always been the single most confusing issue with new members in my camera club, and we see much the same here.  So that would be a useful issue for Russell Brown, or Julieanne Kost, to address on Adobe TV.  But there must be other good tutorials out there.  Anyone got one they can recommend?

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                Dys DeVictor

                I would also like to know how to reduce file size more effectively without deminishing the quality of the image as much. I noticed even when using PS creatign a high dpi image and once all layers were merged and all saving it in multiple types of compression actually deminished the quality of the image once it was reopened or posted. Which I dont like because obviously it makes a piece worked on for hour or days or more look shoddy. So yeah if there are any tutrials or link to how to beter optimize files when saving or compressing would be awesomely appreciated.

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                  Curt Y Level 7

                  Forget about dpi and ppi in discussing image size,  The only numbers your need are height and width in pixels.  This alone determins file size.   Here is an interesting read about this issue.  http://www.scantips.com/no72dpi.html