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    createTextField and _height: Problem with Placement of Text Fields

    BillG-Seattle Level 1
      I'm using createTextField to create several text fields dynamically. I'm also using an external XML file and a style sheet to populate the text fields.

      My problem is that I'm trying to position the various text fields on the page so that they are spaced evenly on the page (regardless of how much content they might contain). I'm trying to use _height of the prior text fields to place subsequent text fields, but I'm getting very inconsistent results. When I trace the value of _height, I get differing results, even if I don't actually change any of the parameters. So, the question is...is there a way for Flash to get the height of a dynamically created text field that's populated via an exteral XML file and using CSS? I know that's asking a lot, but I'm trying to avoid using scroll bars if at all possible.

      Thanks for any pointers.