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    No matter what I do, all my PDFs come out as RGB, instead of CMYK.

    Michael C. Burgess

      I am running Quark 6.5 with Acrobat version 4.0 Professional's PDFwriter on a PC, under Windows XP.


      I can only pake PDFs from my Print menu, by selecting, Adobe PDFwriter, AdobePS Acrobat Distiller or Adobe PDF Converter.


      When I attempt to use Export, it doesn't make PDFs at all. So I have to use Print.


      I have spent three days sending PDFs to the printing plant and, no matter what settings I adjust, the pre-press expert keeps on telling me thay're all arriving with RGB separation. Now he tells me it's even failing to embed fonts. So it's getting worse.


      Would somebody please help? This is killing me.