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    How improve hardware to make editing faster?


      After my new camcorder arrived, I installed the trial version of Premiere Elements 12 on my new laptop. Works without crashing, but slowly. So it appears that the program would prefer more powerful hardware.


      So what is the best thing to do to make my editing faster?


      No, there is nothing wrong as far as I can see. It is simply my hardware which is not very powerful.


      I edit .mts files, 24 Mbit/s, 1920*1080, 50i (=PAL). The laptop has Windows 8.1, 6 Gbyte RAM, 1 Gbyte graphics memory (NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M) and an Intel core i7 3632qm CPU (quad core, 2.2 GHz with maximum 3.2 GHz).


      Yes, I have the latest graphics drivers. And I have tried to optimize Windows 8.1 for video editing (turned off all programs which are not used, etc).


      I put the media on partion C: and Premiere Elements was able to export a movie to partition D: without crashing, even though the hard drive (like most hard drives in laptops) is as slow as 5400 RPM. Yes, I have one hard drive with 2 partitions like most laptops. It took 6 minutes to create this 3 minutes long film (original was about 15 short clips).


      I guess I have 3 options to improve my laptop, but I don't which one is the most relevant one.


      1. Adding an external hard drive (7200 RPM). Laptop has USB 3.0.


      2. At most 10 Gbyte RAM can be added, which would result in a total of 16 GByte RAM.


      3. I already have a 8 Gbyte USB memory stick, and I must buy SD card (can be used by laptop). So using 3 or 4 scratch disks would be possible.


      Which alternative should I begin with? And are there more alternatives?


      A completely different possibility would be to choose a different editing program. But as far as I can see, the hardware requirements don't differ very much even though some competitors can use proxy files.


      Using files with lower bit rates would presumably make Premiere Elements work faster, but this is no option for me.


      I plan to film about 300 Gbyte with .mts files (which obviously is too much for a SD card or USB memory), use these 25 hours of media to edit a film with an estimated length of slightly more than 100 minutes. Roughly 1,000 hard cuts, but in practice no special effects. And I can split up the project in multiple smaller films, short films which I then combine inte one longer when everything has been edited.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >partion C: and Premiere Elements was able to export a movie to partition D


          Partitions are still on one physical drive, and are even slower for video editing than just having one drive


          1 - yes, a 7200rpm drive connected by USB3 for projects and video files will be faster than your 5400rpm internal


          2 - yes, 16Gig of ram will provide more "breathing room" for the 64bit version to work


          3 - only if you use a USB3 connection... USB2 is not really fast enough for video editing