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    How can I selectively preview changes in Camera Raw CC

    margolisr Level 1

      When working in the Basic Panel in ACR, I would like to selectively review changes of only one slider at a time.  For instance, I have have adjusted exposure and now have also adjusted blacks, how can I preview the change in Blacks while the adjusted Exposure is still in effect? If I toggle the Preview button on and off, I see all the changes cumulatively.  I have tried using the command key, shift, key and option key however, that doesn't seem to work.



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          Andrew_Hart Level 2

          Don't think there is any way to achieve what you want except through the use of the Snapshots Panel.


          As per your example, after adjusting Exposure, add a snapshot and name and number it something like "1. Exp".


          Then after adjusting Blacks, take another snapshot and call it, say,  "2. Blacks".


          If you then edited Highlights, call that, say, "3. Highs", and so on.


          Now you can toggle between your various snapshots and the numbering tells you the order in which your edits were made.

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            Andrew_Hart Level 2

            Sorry, there is another way, which I'd forgotten about, because I almost never use it.


            Say you make these edits, and only these edits: Exposure -1.0 stop, Contrast +20 and Shadows +100, in that order (the values don't matter, they're just random examples).


            Now, to cycle back through the edits in reverse order to that which you made them, use Ctrl + Alt/Option + Z.


            Pressing once gets you back to the image as edited only by Exp and Contrast. Twice gets to Exp only.


            Three times eliminates Exp and you're back to where you first opened the image in ACR.


            To re-instate the edits in the original order, press Ctrl + Shift + Z.


            But this procedure can get messy and confusing in 3 circumstances that I can think of, just off the top of my head.


            First, if you move a slider whilst experimenting with your edits (say, for example, Clarity +20) but then reset it to zero because it does not work as expected.

            Now, when you cycle backwards or forward, your abandoned Clarity edit will be shown.


            Secondly, if you make more than 3 edits, it can become difficult to remember in what order you initially made them and you can get lost when cycling back and forth.


            Thirdly, if you have made any presets and these are applied automatically when first opening the image in ACR, the cycling can once again become more difficult to keep track of.


            Whilst the use of Snapshots in the manner I first suggested is more cumbersome, it guarantees that you can keep track of your edits and compare their before and after effect.


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