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    Creative Cloud Desktop update error A12E1 - getting really tired of this...


      So I've bought CS6 a while ago and up until there was the Application Manager used for updates everything was fine.

      Since you decided to force me to use Creative Cloud for updates it's became really annoying.


      Every time  there is an update for one of my Adobe Products there is also an update for Creative Cloud Desktop. And it seems to be impossible to install it.

      It doesn't matter if I try to update the existing Installation or Download fresh Setup-Files. It doesn't work.


      If I try to update, it's initialised, downloaded and then it throws Error-Code A12E1.

      If I try to install a freshly downloaded Setup-File of CC Desktop it's the same, just with Error-Code 50.


      So here is what I've tried already:


      • Updating with disabled Security Suite
      • Try again in SafeBoot
      • Uninstall CC Desktop an reinstall a fresh Download
      • Installing freshly downloaded files with disabled Security Suite
      • Try this again in SafeBoot
      • Download the CC Cleaner tools to get rid of the old Installation before I can install it again, which then does the trick.


      As I said EVERY TIME.

      What is supposed to be a 5 Minute update in background gets to be an hour of rebooting, uninstalling, cleaning an reinstalling.


      I'm running a 64Bit Windows 8.1 Pro.


      If anyone knows how to fix this, please give me a hint. I'm all out of Ideas.




      I've postet this after I got the initial Error-Message, thinking that using the Cleaner Tool would help this time again. But there I was wrong! Very Wrong!

      I'm seriously disappointed when I think about how much money I've spend on this Software...


      After Using the Cleaner Tool (which completed without errors) I couldn't install CC Desktop again, because it was just throwing Error-Code 50 again and again.

      All attempts to fix this were unsuccessful. Errorlogs were NOT created. The last Error-Log I could find was from the last update back in march.


      After a while of google search I found an old post from November from someone with similar problems.




      • Uninstalling CC Desktop
      • running the cleaner tool
      • reboot
      • download CC Desktop setup files
      • set the compatibility to Windows XP Service Pack 3
      • try to install with administrative rights, wait for Error-Message that something is missing and you have to redownload the setup-files
      • undo the compatibility-settings and run the Setup with administrative rights again


      Now it worked.


      I'm seriously interested in what kind of update this is, that it is resolved by setting the compatibility to Windows XP SP3...

      Especialliy, since Creative Cloud was promised to make my whole workflow "joined" and therefore easier.