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    How to make an image slide/swipe effect like in #selfie


      Please see http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1444012 - a question (it was mentioned there that AE will do better for what I want to do so I am posting the link here)


      What I want to do is to replicate the image slide/zoom/swipe that you can see in the video.


      Can you please help me get started on the right path?  I am new in AE and need a bit of a start - i.e. if you were to do it, what technique would you approach it with? 


      I can probably manage to do one or two manually, but my issue is that there are so many (similar) effects and I don't want this video to become a daunting chore, so looking for a way to do this very easily somehow. 

      And this is why I am posting - to hopefully find the technique to do this effect right and a do it lot without realizing it is too difficult and giving up ...!