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    Premiere elements 12 won`t render


      I was very happy when i got this program but know it seems to be a hassle it will not render even though the sequence has a orange bar indicating it can be rendered and adobe is updating so i cant get a direct answer i tried restarting doesnt help any ideas?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          1. When you say orange bar, where are you seeing this orange bar

          a. Above the Timeline content


          b. As an orange line running horizontally across the inside of the clip


          And, what happens when you press the Render Button in your situation

          a. The Render dialog pops up but nothing happens,


          b. The playback of the Timeline runs to completion in the Edit area monitor


          c. Something else


          2. Assuming that you have a genuine "render" situation - the program telling you that you need to render the Timeline to get the best possible preview of the content playback in the Edit area monitor.....

          a. Do you have the gray tabs of the Work Area Bar position so that they span the entire content to be rendered?


          3. Where do you have the preview files directed and how much free hard drive space is at that location.

          See Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Disk and Video Previews.


          Please review and consider and then we can decide what is next based on your reply.


          Thank you.



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            Kyle20776 Level 1

            Well it doesnt matter anymore i opened another file and it worked fine I belive it was no workspace was selected therefore there was no media to render but thank you

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the update and the good news that you have worked out your Premiere Elements rendering situation. Good job.


              Please do not hesitate to ask questions or ask for clarification. We can supply more information on the rendering of the Timeline aspect of your Timeline content if necessary.


              Best wishes