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    Is it possible to have videos in multi-state object?


      I successfully built the SWF, place in place, export to PDF, fix the acrobat,

      now the navigation buttons work, it takes me to the corresponding video, but the video only shows up the first frame, no video controls.

      I check the file size it's only 1MB so doesn't look like the videos were imbeded at all.


      anyone help please? thank you so much    

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          You fixed the acrobat? Can you do this for mine, too? Because I got the 9er and Adobe won't fix them bugs, instead selling expensive new version.


          About your question: too little information.

          1. SWF is not a video. So what we are dealing with exactly, a Flash animation or a video. If video, what format?

          2. When exporting PDF, you surely used "Export interactive PDF", did you? Did you set every option correctly?

          3. How big are the embedded files in total?

          4. What has been used to view the PDF and if Adobe Reader, are all multimedia related options set so the Reader can play the videos at all?