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    Adobe Flash Professional: Animation Export FLA>SWF


      Hello to all, I have at present a file in .FLA, and inside there is a module so that 8 images change every 5 seconds, however I change the images but I do not touch the codes, and I have the error:

      Scene 1, Calque 'Layer 2', Image 55, ligne 2, colonne 141120: Accès à la propriété non définie _root.

      I always have this error either Adobe says to me that my file does not work any more in ActionScript 2.0 and that everything will not work correctly.

      Thus quant I puts my module on Web, or that I open him(it) from my computer, it is simple, the file presents the new images, but the lapse of time enters every images is of 0.01 seconds, she(it) scroll(march past) very fast, somebody would have an idea?


      Sorry for my English which is certainly very bad, I try to improve. Thank you in advance.