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    Access Denied - while published


      Iam trying to publish the changes made on my machine to a server through the network.
      I have all permission (write/modify/delete) on that server, but when I use Robohelp, getting "Access Denied" error & unable to publish.
      Looks like this happens only to the Flash & XML files.

      Any ideas & Suggestions to fix this problem.

      Thank you in advance.

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          johndaigle Level 4
          Welcome, Saangy.
          You didn't mention what version of RoboHelp you are using or what kind of web server you are publishing to. A Windows web server (IIS)? A UNIX web server? RoboHelp Engine 4? RoboHelp Server 6?

          That said, (and not being an IT person) it sounds like a permissions problem involving your network and not RoboHelp itself.
          Just having write/modify/delete permissions is not the only thing that might cause problems. My guess is that you'll need the help of your network administrator.

          If you'd like to elaborate a bit more, we'll try to help.

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            Saangy Level 1

            THank you for the reply. We are using Robohelp 5.0.2 & we are publishing it to the Windows server 2003 with IIS 6.
            We have checked all the permissions on the server & the network, everything is good.
            As an individual user, iam able to create, delete, modfiy files in the same directory structure. So we rule out the permissions issue on the Webserver.
            The wierd part is only the FlashHelp is giving me the error "Access Deined", we are able to publish using the "HTMLHelp"

            Thanks in advance for your help.