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    How to composite images like this ...

    Dallas Kruse Level 1

      A user on here posted this video and I thought is was so intriguing



      I was wondering if anyone could help me with some ideas on how some of these effects were done. 


      1. The elephant walking across the guitar.  Would that be stock footage pulled and then composited onto the guitar? Or would one illustrate then animate themselves?

      2. The clown and blimp around :35.

      3. Some of the other overlayed elements in the video are really cool and was wondering if I should be looking for footage websites that sell stock images/animations/after effects footage that would be easily added to overlay onto vids.


      Any thoughts are appreciated.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Whether you use stock photography or do your own illustrations, this project required a bunch of motion tracking, not camera tracking. Most of the artwork and the scene was probably created on a transparent background. Puppet PM could have been used for some of the animation, a little keying may have been required for stock footage, but it is just basically good compositing and motion tracking skills.


          When you are setting up shots for motion tracking it is critical that you know how the process works, make good decisions based on the process, and execute your shots with a great deal of skill. If you just grab the camera and start shooting and expect to successfully produce something like your example, you will be sorely disappointed with the result.