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    Can I apply a mask to a layer style? - With answer!

    John_Picton Level 3

      I don't know if I should post this as in framing the question for posting here it made me think of another option which solved my problem. As I said I wasn't going to post anything but then thought it might be of use to somebody else. I have mentioned my solution at the end.




      I am working on a composite (purely for fun and personal learning) and have come up against a bit of a wall on something.

      I have placed a figure in the composite and used a layer mask to blend the back half of the figure into the background as in this image.


      Without Drop.jpg


      Then I added a red drop shadow to the layer to give a glow as in this image.


      With Drop.jpg


      However I don't want the shadow to be applied to the back of the figure and would like to blend that part of the figure in to the background as well. The area I am talking about is here.


      With Drop 2.jpg


      I have tried the following:

      Applying the Layer mask and then trying to convert the layer to a smart object.

      This gives a completely wild effect.


      Any suggestions?






      As I said earlier - I worked this one out, However I would still be interested to hear of any other solutions, or if indeed the way I did it was the best way.


      What I did is create a group out of the single layer that had the mask and the layer effects and then applied a layer mask to the group (I never knew you could do that). As I said this is for me to learn, in that respect it has worked so far!.


      Here is the final result.




      Oh and another thing I did (and I cant believe I didn't think of this before) was to create an action that created a new image from the contents of the clipboard and associated it with the f11 key. Such a simple solution to something that has bugged me for ages. As I said I can believe I didn't think of it before!