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    Does RoboHelp 11 deal with winhelp?

    magdy.abulela Level 1

      I need to know whether RoboHelp 10 can deal with old win help projects (,hpj) and their output files (.hlp) because i have so many help files in this format and i need to upgrade robohelp version from RoboHelp 6 to RoboHelp 11 and i want to make sure it will open (.hpj) files and convert (.hlp) files to (chm) or webhelp .. one more inquiry; how many users are allowed to use RoboHelp 11 License at a time? My current version (6) allows 3 users, so i need to know about RoboHelp 11, but unfortunately their helpdesk did not answer me nor could i talk to the sales team on phone.


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          If you are upgrading from RoboHelp 6 to 11, why are you asking if RoboHelp 10 can deal with WinHelp? Or was that a typo?


          RoboHelp 10 also shipped with RoboHelp for Word. RoboHelp for Word allows you to edit and compile projects that create .HLP output. RoboHelp 11 no longer ships with RoboHelp for Word.


          However, if your goal is to create projects by pointing at .HLP files, RoboHelp 11 *IS* actually capable of doing that.


          Cheers... Rick