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    Crazy long rip times on Data Merge Documents

    CoGordo4 Level 1

      Hello Everyone,


      I am digital printer and I am running to a strange problem with Data Merge. I am making a post card for a customer that needs addresses added to them. I do these kinds of orders all the time and usually I can just place the post card in Indesign cs6 and use date merge to apply the addresses. Typically this works easily and without any fuss. However I just created a  new card in Indesign. Exported it as a pdf and then placed it back in indesign for addressing. Now when I try to print my card it is taking an hour and a half to rip the file on my Fiery Command Work Station. Typically a job like this will rip in no more than a minute or two. Does any one know what might be causing this? I have tried flettening the pdf in photoshop to maybe help simplify the file but no luck. I designed the card in Indesign cs6 on a mac running 10.7.5 and I am using Command Work Station 5.5 on Fiery , printing on a Xerox 700 digital press.