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    Unable to Uninstall Creative Cloud (At all)


      Hi everyone,


      I wanted to give Adobe After Effects a go (free trial), so I decided today to do it. First, I had to go install Creative Cloud. Now, that worked up until I had to enter my username and password. Every single time, I would get a "You've been signed out" problem. So, naturally, I went onto Google and tried everything I could to fix it (i.e removing the opm file, etc.).


      So now, I've decided that I'll uninstall Creative Cloud and try to run it again, see if that fixes the problem.


      Nope. The program won't even uninstall?! Adobe, if you're trying to make a good first impression, don't make your customers work for hours trying to get a free trial to work....I can only imagine how the full program would be.


      Anyway, I'm not here to bash. I just want to try out After Effects. I've heard it's an excellent program, but this Creative Cloud crap seems a bit pointless to me to be able to try out a program imho.


      - Ra7en