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    Unable to Open MyFirst.mxml

    Maximus Jr.
      Hey Everyone,
      I'm totally new to Flex. Just started building my 1st Flex App with the help of tutorials given on Adobe website.
      I've installed Flex Builder 2.
      I've written the 1st example given on Adobe site under 'Getting Started' page which shows how to create a button.
      Though in Command Prompt I mentioned the exact path & command to compile my code & generate swf file, I'm getting the error 'Unable to open MyFirst.mxml'.
      My code in command promt is -
      D:\Sid\Tutorials\Flex>mxmlc --strict=true --file-specs MyFirst.mxml
      Can anyone help me out with this please? And please tell me why I'm getting this error & what to do to sort it out?