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    Why do I get CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED?


      Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)

      Windows 7 on HP laptop

      Device:kobo Mini

      Downloaded (borrowed) ePub (free) books from Cambs library (UK)

      None of them would Copy to Computer/Device

      Error <book name> CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED - No permissions...


      The Getting Started... coming with ADE does Copy OK so it doesn't seem to be a matter of connectivity / installation / device not supported.


      So, Why?




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          adsp42 Level 1

          OK, this forum is a joke, most questions posted in the past two days (and probably ever) are unanswered.

          And people read them, there is interest.


          I found the answer myself, there is another post asking about the same error, on nook





          Not very clear what the solution is (except some "right click until the software gives up and has mercy). Something about "authorisation".


          In my case, the device appear in the left pane and has a Settings / Options button associated.

          THere is the Authorise Device or something along those lines. You have to give the Adobe password again (max 6 devices).


          Why is it so hard to make that clear?


          Good bye.