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    How is it possible to use my adobe software when the internet connection isn't working?


      I have a subscription to Adobe CC but have found that when the internet is down I can't open any of my files as it keeps asking me to sign in and I can't when the internet isn't woking. This is a major problem as I have deadlines and can't even work on my files now. Also I can't open them with the older CS6 version (Indesign) and I can't open it in CC to convert it to an older format as I can't use CC without it constantly asking me to sign in every time I use it. The same with Adobe Acrobat! This is really frustrating. What can I do?

      I find it really frustrating that whenever I use one of my programs it keeps asking me to sign in every time and it thinks I' using a trial version even though I'm paying a montly subscription.