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    Refine Edge with complex background

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      I am working on an Easter poster for my family, and I found a photo of a bunny on wikimedia commons that I liked (shown below). When I first looked at it, I thought, "I've used the refine edge tool a few times before. I can isolate the bunny from the setting, no problem!" Well, two hours later I was nowhere near having the kind of results I expected. What I need to know is, is it my cursory experience with an advanced tool (by comparison) that hindered my efforts and I just need more practice with refine edge, or is the complexity of the grassy background just dooming any shortcut from the start and leaving me with no good alternative to pixel-level editing? If the former, I would be highly receptive to any suggestions to settings and/or methods using the tool.


      And yeah, I know there are many, many more bunny images out there. But this is more about my judgment and skill level w/ Photoshop than it is about one small project. Striving to get where you folks are. Any input greatly appreciated.



      - DK



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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          That's not a great image.  Like you say, Refine Edge is not going to give you a great result, and the rabbit is out of focus and the lighting flat.  It's even particularly big, (unless you downsized it to upload to this forum)   Seeing as you found it on the internet, I'd be strongly inclined to go find a better example.


          There are several hits with rabbits on white backgrounds, which will make selection so much easier.  GOOGLE


          But if you really want to use Refine Edge on your example, have a look at this Martin Evening tutorial, which is the best of its kind I know of for that sort of subject matter.