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    How to integrate a published Edge animation into existing site?

    Rothgarr Level 1



      i created a simple animation in Edge Animate for a microsite header. I published my project and now have the following files in my publish folder:

      - An html file

      - Three .js files (..._edge.js, ..._edgeActions.js, and ..._edgePreload.js)

      - An images folder with a png and three svg


      What do I need to copy from the published HTML into the div of my existing web page?


      Also, I need to upload my image and .js files to specific folders on the server -- so what files do I need to update (and where in the file) to let it all know where I moved the .js and image files to?


      Thanks so much!


      P.S. Bonus question... Is there an option in Edge Animate to display a static image if the browser is IE 6, 7, or 8? I don't want to use the Google Chrome Frame. Or is this something I need to do outside of Edge Animate?