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    sliding overlapping audio moves everything else - how NOT to?


      I am trying to slide a portion of audio that happens to be overlapping a previous portion of audio.  When I move the portion of audio to the left (over the existing audio), or if I try to drag audio from another track to the same spot, I see an icon near my arrow as I am moving it that shows two gray bars and an arrow to the Right, suggesting that I want to slide everything else on the timeline to the right.  Hense, PE12 creates a giant gap (the length of the entire audio portion I am moving) and moves everything else on the timeline to the right.


      I do not want this giant gap.


      A workaround is to delete a tiny portion of audio that is the length I want to move the offending piece of audio, but that is tedious.  I need to be able to nudge audio in small increments for sync.


      How can I tell PE12 to *not* create this gap when I move overlapping audio?