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    I can't open an AE project!


      Well, I have a file on a video track on Adobe Premiere; I opened this file as an After Effects composition which I can't open anymore. I receive the following advice:


      http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-qG_R9bVpmbg/U0I0bHN95bI/AAAAAAAADcI/wnq2tgklK4s/s1600/SHOT204.jp g


      I need your hand cuz this Ad. premiere file > AE composition is a rotoscope that took me a lot to do...almost a whole week. Thks.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          If it's damaged it's damaged. that's why people use incremenatl versions and backups. Basics of data security and safety, you know. The only thing you can try is to import the AE project in an empty AE project and see if at least that works, but that's all.



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            MXMXVR Level 1

            After the crash, the disk cache was modified to a disk that did not have enough space! I turned the disk cache to the very same one I used before, but the issue remains: I cannot open the file. What if I clean database and cache? Is it advisable? Why can't I find the database and cache folder manually?

            PS: When I try importing a non corrupted AEP file to an empty composition, I can see the option "project" on the drop down menu "Import As", but when I try importing the crashed file I see nothing on the drop down menu!