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    How do I create a splitting effect when I make a scene "glitch"?

    BlackenedRapture Level 1

      This is probably quite simple, but I am still very new to the program so I appreciate your help in advance. I am working with after effects CC on a MacBook Pro.


      I am working on a music video and I can't seem to find any answer on how to create a specific "glitching" effect.

      This scene from the Ring has a perfect example:



      I want to replicate many of the effects used on Samara crawling out of the well in that video, but the MAIN one I need help with is how to make an image "split" the way hers does. It looks like copies of her are stretched out across the screen for a second, then come back into place when the glitch is over.

      How do I make a person's image split like that?

      I have Video Copilot's Twitch effect if that can help, but whatever works is just fine.

      Thank you so much!