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    Black frames on playback and render with .MOV exported from Avid

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      Hi there,

      some of our customers experience troubles while importing quicktime .mov files from last Avid Media Composer versions (latest 6.0.x, 6.5.x and 7.0.x versions).



      Using any Avid codecs for export, when clips are played in AE, black frames appear on video, these are also present on renders and exported files.



      Playing the same clips in other softwares and media players, the video is clear.



      As we discussed with Avid support, Avid made changes in his software and codecs and it sounds like AE doesn't correctly interpret it.



      Have you already heard of (or experienced) such troubles?


      Best regards,


      Sebastien GEFFROY,


      CTM Solutions.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Yes, it's busted. Has been forever and nobody wants to take responsibility. Not Adobe, not Avid. No other details beyond that. as it stands, your customers will have to use conventional QT CoDecs or do an intermediate step in soem conversion tool that correctly deals with the Avid stuff.



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            Kotowicz_Si2G Level 1

            I'm having the same problem, but can't get a clean render out using a different codec.


            I was trying to render all my After Effects compositions out as Quicktime with DNxHD 120 selected.  This would give me random full frames of solid red.  Every single render.


            So, I tried selecting Quicktime NONE and most of the renders would just abort with the bleating lamb noise.

            So, I tried AVI uncompressed.  Every single composition rendered out, but every single rendered clip had exactly the same glitch - A solid black line that spans the bottom of the frame and increases in size every frame until it fills the screen.  Then the picture returns and a couple of seconds later a full frame black flash.  Same pattern and same duration - every clip.


            So, if DNxHD codec has a problem and Quicktime has a problem and AVI has a problem I'd say it's safe to say that it's probably not a recording codec issue.  How can three different codecs present a problem?


            I've checked my source files.  It doesn't matter what drive I place them one, either an internal solid state drive, or USB3 spinning disk in a caddy or network path to a NAS raid, or system drive, they give the same problems.


            It doesn't matter what the source files are either - Tiff sequences from 3DS Max, JPG timelapse sequences from Nikon camera, video camera files, Quicktimes, AVIs, you name it - Broken renders.


            So, I'd say that having tested my input files and tried many render codecs that the problem lies in between - Either the Computer or After Effects itself.

            Now, up until Creative Cloud I was using my trusty old CS2.  That worked fine.

            If you read the internet it's full of people having rendering problems when using CS6 and CC.


            Now, in my understanding, the main difference between me using CS2 and CC is the Adobe software - GPU renderer.

            I am using the exact same workflow on the exact same equipment:-


            HP Z1 Xeon E31280 @ 3.50GHz

            Windows 7 64 bit professional

            8GB DDR3 RAM.

            Nividia Quadro 3000M.


            I'm close to giving up.  I'm going for a full system re-install, the gound up this bank holiday onto a brand new empty system drive.

            I'll follow it with trying out various Nvidia drivers.


            Can anyone point me to a definitive answer?  I have trawled many different forums, with people all having the same issues and no one has an answer.

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              Kotowicz_Si2G Level 1

              Okay, new install, Windows 7, HP SoftPaqs, Nvidia Drivers, Creative Cloud, Etc.


              Just in case I erased the After Effects disk cache, the conform cache and the conform database folders and made new folders in a completely different location - just to make sure.


              I opened the existing project and rendered.  I sat and watched the render, which looked fine during the process.


              Note, I did not perform a RAM Preview.  This was fresh without any areas for interference.


              Upon completion, I closed After Effects and played back the AVI file....


              The problem is still happening - Solid Black line rendered into the material.