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    Need serial number to upgrade CC membership to Teams package


      Hi all,


      I wonder if someone can help me.


      I want to upgrade my Adobe Creative Cloud membership to the teams package but need to have my serial number to do so. I can't find it anywhere - don't have my original email - and haven't been able to find it using some of the other recommended methods. For example, if I log into my account and look at my products/services I don't have the option to view my serial number there, and none of the recommendations I have read in the other forums work for me.


      Is there anything else I can do to find my serial number?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi MissLight24


          The Creative Cloud for Teams upgrade pricing is for customers who have previously purchased Creative Suite CS3 or above.  If you only have Creative Cloud individual (no prior purchase of CS3 - CS6) then I'm afraid you wouldn't qualify for the upgrade pricing - https://creative.adobe.com/plans


          Kind regards




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            Maan$naam Level 1

            Hi there,

                          Find your serial number quickly
                          Please click above to find serial numbers.
                          Here, it depends on which serial number you are looking for, prepetual [ retail / education ] or volume licensing, The common error people do is, use non volume licensing serial number to upgrade to creative cloud for teams.

                          The upgrade to Cloud teams for $49.99 ( this is the current offer for existing customers ).
                          In case if you do not have a volume licensing serial number of CS3 and above, I am sorry to let you know, you do not qualify for the this offer.
                          But not to worry, it's never late if you are determied about something. Note: Cloud 'Always' has the latest version of features that comes', does not go with upgrade scenario, just update, which is simple then all times.

                          You can contact your neareset reseller and purchase any CS6 current version volume licensing software of the least price, and then go for the creative cloud for teams. [ This is just to get the current offer going on for cloud teams ].

                          In case if you do not want to purchase a volume licensing product, you can just subscribe to " Creative Clouds for Teams" at $69.99 which is a good price too, do this only if you need to have  more people added under one account and not to use Credit Card details more then once.

                          Cloud teams may be costly for a normal being,  I would suggest you go with normal creative cloud. Be a simple being, unless you are under any organization