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    Macromedia Director Xtras

      Hi Group,

      We have a startup Director movie, which is developed in Director Version 7. Now I am trying to open the same Director movie on Director MX 2004 Version 10.1 ( On Mac OS X Version 10.4.6 ).

      The director movie depends on third party plugins like, Popup, printOMatic, CDPro, FileXtar, BuddyAPI.

      We could download the trail version of PrintOMatic, FileXtra and BuddyAPI plugins, but the developer site for CDPro and PopUP Xtras is not reachable.

      Does anybody know about how to get the trail version of CDPro and PopUP Xtras.

      The Lingo script has APIs like FileExists(), fileClose(), fileOpen() etc. I installed the FileXtra4(carbon) into Xtras folder ( Configuration/Xtras )of Director application. When I try to run the movie, it will give error like FileExists() not defined.
      I tried by replacing FileExists() by fx_FileExists, no use.
      If I replace FileExists() by fx_FileExists() it will give error like fx_FileExists() not defined.

      Can anybody tell me what would be the work around for this problem?

      Am I doing anything wrong here?

      The movie also dependent on some shared libraries, we have the source code for these shared libraries.

      Can anybody tell me how to use these libraries in the Director application to build director projector.

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          Chunick Level 3
          for FileXtra4 you still need to change the initialization of the xtra, so look for something like this:

          someVar = new xtra "FileXtra3"

          and change it with this (I'm using dot syntax):
          someVar = xtra("FileXtra4").new()

          As for the other Xtras, I'm afraid if the companies are not around you'll have to find an equivalent Xtra that has the same functionality and then go through the code to replace it with the new Xtra and it's associated methods.
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            Sudeshchan_Shetty Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply.

            We solved FileXtra4 related issues. I am facing some strange problem in the Lingo script. The startup Director movie ( developed in Director Version 7 ) depends on some Xtras, we have the source code for those Xtras. I could be able to build those Xtras under CodeWarrior IDE 4.1. The result of the build product is Macromedia Director/Shockwave Xtra ( obtained after changing the Creator and Type settings under the code warrior project setting ). I installed the built Xtra in Xtras folder of the Director application ( Mac OS X 10.4 platform ). I tried to use the installed Xtra by using initialising the Xtra like,

            Obj = xtra("TestXtra.PPC").new()

            but the Director is giving script error like TestXtra.PPC not found. What would be the workaround for this problem...?
            Is there any documentation on how to use such Xtras...
            Is there anything additional settings that we need to do with the Director or with the Codewarrior to build Xtra...!