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    How can I make a "Pokeball Effect" ?


      Hello there,


      I've been looking all around the Internet for some sort of Tutorial for how to make a "Pokeball Effect", I've also tryed, without luck, coming up with something myself

      I've tryed CC Light burst, Light Sweep, Light Rays, etc..


      This is what I'm trying to re create



      Effect takin place at around 11 seconds in


      The light takin over the rig, and going into the pokeball


      I'm doing most inside Cinema 4D but I think making the light itself would be better if I could somehow make it in After Effects

      So it's the light I'm looking to make

      The light covering the rig, and disappering into the ball


      Anyone have a trick or something, It would be greatly appreciated!


      (I'm using After Effects CC)

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          That would just be some glow, possibly combined with one of the otehr effects. The magic suace is al lin the animated matte and whether that is some animated mask or an object buffer from C4D ultimately doesn't matter much.



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            xAIMx Level 1

            Sounds so easy, I feel like a derp, but I have one question
            I'll add lumiance to the rig and it should look good, maybe a few texture tweaks too


            But what glow should I use? It needs to be controlable, with size and movement and color


            Is there any plugins needed for that kind of glow?

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you are looking to recreate this:

              Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 5.26.36 AM.png

              You need layers not a plug-in applied to a single layer. There are blend modes going on here  (add and maybe screen) some blurring, and animated shape created with a mask or a shape layer, opacity changes, some light bursts. I would start with a master animated shape, duplicate it 3 times, blur the top copy a lot and experiment with blend modes to get the red glow, add a blur and a light glow to the second layer and experiment with blend modes, and add some simple particle effects to the third layer.

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                xAIMx Level 1

                Thanks, I got it working!


                I ended up adding some Optical Flares as well, it made it look a lot better!


                Thanks for the help