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    Plugins para CS6




      Con una de mis fotos he tratado de separar el sujeto principal de su fondo, pero cuando he ido al menú Filtros me he llevado la desagradable sorpresa que no tiene activada la opción Extraer. Por diferentes medios he tratado de conseguir algún enlace que me permitiese conseguir éste plugin, pero no he podido, ¿me podéis ayudar?


      Y una vez puesto, ¿conocéis algún link en el que conseguir plugins para CS6?


      Por cierto, mi ordenador es un Mac, con S.O. actualizado al Maveric.


      Muchas gracias.



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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          You do not need a plu-in to remove subject from background.  CS6 has Quick Select, and Refine Edge, that will do the job as well as any plug-in.


          What sort of plug-ins are you interested in, and do you need them in your own language?

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            Digitau56 Level 1

            First of all, excuse my English. Much of what you are reading is the result of "Google traslator." Sorry ...



            In fact, and to be honest, do not currently need any because I'm beginer in PS world. I'm starting via YouTube, and there are many tutorials mention plug-ins and use them to carry into certain actions (by example EzMasc 1.5). And he is the real reason for my interest: I want to work with this plug-ins.



            And in reference to the language, my CS6 is in Spanish (although I understand Portuguese and French - in English, just a little bit... - ).


            Finally, thank you for everything.