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    PhaseOne P45 ACR wrong picture size

    hans.joachim.klotz@macbay Level 1

      Hello Forum


      I use PhaseOne P45 , Capture One Pro 7, Mac OS X 10.9.2.


      B) Photoshop CS 6 is running.

      I open the RAW picture from normal folder on HD.

      ACR starts and show a window.

      I use Format Camera Raw.

      I click open.

      I see following info beneath of picture view

      Adobe RGB (1998), 8 Bit, 3639 x 2731, 9,9 MP, 300 ppi

      When I open this RAW to CS6 I see in Menü > Picture > Picture size:

      Adobe RGB (1998), 8 Bit, 3639 Pixel x 2731 Pixel, 28,4 MB, 300 Pixel/Zoll

      There is a wide difference between the datas in Capture One Pro 7

      CO7 show:

      Size: 24,05 x 18.04 Zoll (7216 x 5412 px)

      Scaling: 100 %

      ICC-Profil: Adobe RGB (1998)

      Format: TIFF (8 Bit)

      File Size: ~112 MB


      What is wrong?


      Maybe I'm not so familiar with digital workflow but I will learn it