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    Circle loader

    Hello Customer



      i'm new to Edge Animate. I've been googling to find a solution for my problem, didn't find a thing. Maybe because i not really sure on how to find it :s


      One of the animations i need to make is some kind of loading ring.

      So i have a ring in gray. But after 5 seconds it needs to be white, starting from the top (12 o'clock) and filling clockwise. I know you could do this with flash, but i can't seem to find this for Edge Animate.


      Like this but without the numbers: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-HF_ZYD0Aq0U/UA1yt-YfBWI/AAAAAAAABvc/_aKZh-UF-Kc/s72-c/jQuery-Kno b-jQuery-plugin-create-beautiful-circular-switches..jpg


      1. Is this possible?

      2. If yes, anybody an idea how to do this or where i can find a tutorial?


      Thank a lot!