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    How do I show an image by selecting something from a drop-down list?


      Hello -


      I'm looking for a way for my interactive PDF to show multiple images in the same spot by selecting a list item from a drop-down button.


      For example, In a drop down box, I select a 5x7 photo print. I need to show a picture of that product in another place in the document.

      From the same drop down box, I select a calendar. In that same spot where the picture of the 5x7 print shows up, I need a calendar to take its place.


      I've tried to stack multiple buttons with images attached to them and then used javascript to show/hide them, but the problem with this

      is that it significantly hinders the speed of the form as a whole with each added button stacked on top of each other. I need to find a

      way to do this without hindering the speed of the form.


      Any suggestions?