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    How do I add a Handwritten Signature to my form? And other Form Questions


      Hi there,



      I'm making a form for parents who's kids are going to drive a motorcycle for the first time.


      Now I want to use my laptop with touchscreen for people to fill it in.
      the normal boxes (name, adres etc) with keyboard.

      But the important part is the SIGNATURE which has to be handwritten.


      It's for insurance and legal autorisation from the parents that the kid is allowed to drive and they know the risks and rules.


      How do I add a box in which parents can sign.

      Or is there another solution to make it legal?


      Another question now I might have someones attention:


      After a parent is done filling the form and presses OK or DONE

      Is there a way a parent can choose to use a new blank form or the same form again without date of birth/name/sex
      so he/she can fill the forms faster for the rest of the kids?

      Is it possible to let a parents say I have 4 kids (with a choice menu)
      and the parent wil get 4 name/age/sex openings and the rest of the form will stay the same?




      Is it possible to export the whole bunch into a excel for easy usage


      Thanks in advance
      and all tips are welcome!