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    Acrobat XI can't find internet connection

    mmgulati Level 1

      I have had Adobe CC subsciption for some time now, but recently my Acrobat stopped working. it says that it can't find internet connection. But all the other Adobe applications installed through the CC application manager are working fine.


      I've had numerous chats with Adobe agents, and with my office's IT guys, and there has been no solution.


      We use corporate anti-virus, firewall and proxy scrypts. I've had all Adobe links whitelisted that were given to me by the Adobe agents. The hosts file doesn't have any Adobe info. I've tried reinstalling n+1 number of times, with various options such as selected boot and such, and still no solution.


      Why is it that all other Adobe applications installed under the CC work fine, but Acrobat doesn't?


      It's sad that if one buys a subscription and loses internet, one would lose all the products as well. One should be allowed to work on the applications, internet connection or not.


      Please help with this Acrobat that has created a circus for me here.