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    Javahelp - the bad HTML output of Robohelp creates huge problems with lists and indentions

    Rsfl Level 1

      Hi all,

      I have benn previously using the Open Toolkit to generate Javahelp from DITA content. This worked fine but process changes force me to try out Robohelp.


      The main problem is that Robohelp creates awfully structured HTML output and relies on CSS to streighten the formatting. Particularly with lists this does not work in Javahelp. For example, if you have a list in 2nd order (within another lists) then Robohelp creates two flat lists and simply increases the margins of what is intended to be the list bullets in 2nd order.


      It seems that any margin-left attributes do not work in Javahelp. Does anybody have experiences with getting the Robohelp output to work in the Javahelp viewer?