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    Apply layers depending on name of the pictures


      Hi everyone,


      I explain you my situation :

      I'd like to apply to a PNG picture, which the name contain numeric string "01", layers (also in png format) which name contain also the numeric string "01".


      Example :


      Folder A :




      Folder B :






      With a script, I'd automatically like to apply all the layers of "Folder B" containing the string "01" to the picture of "Folder A" containing also the string "01". (Same for others numbers : apply every layers of Folder B containing "03" to picture of Folder A contenaining "03" in its name...)

      (For sure I've got lots of pictures...that's why I ask this)


      Hope my english is not so bad..


      I have Creative Cloud on Windows 7.


      Thx for your help,