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    I try to complain to Adobe but nobody listens...

    pacman640 Level 1

      I have called the Customer Service, emailed, called the Head Office and promised a reply... still nothing... no responses from Adobe!!!!


      Simple Step by Step Details!!!!!!!!!


      1) I am an Adobe Creative Cloud Subscriber


      2) Adobe send me emails with "valuable information" periodically


      3) I click on the link in the email


      4) I end up here...




      5) I do not have time to fill out the form on the right every time, so I close the browser window and get back to work


      6) I spend my time to improve Adobe's Customer Service, but they seem to not value my opinion


      Proclamation:  I alreadxy pay uyou money Adobe!!!  For a full suite of products Adobe!!!  For the lattest versions and updates automatically Adobe!!!  You solicit my email Adobe!!!  You know who I am Adobe!!!  Why do you make me ( a paying customer) fuill out forms to be privy to informations that should be readily available to me, as a "valued customer" Adobe!!!


      7) Fix this problem. Stop wasting my time.  All Cloud subscribers should automatically be linked in to these articles and tips.


      Show us you care Adobe... do the right thing!  This is the last time I will try to contact you to suggest this improvement.  I am a Cloud subscriber.  I pay you money.  Respect that my time is just as valuable as yours, so do not waste it!


      Like my peers, I could just pirate your software, but I do not.  I respect your business and your products.  But respect is a two way street!


      And no offence to the people of India, working for Adobe customer service... but I find it hard to understand anything that you say.  The heavy accents make it almost impossible to get any help, after waiting on hold for ridiculous amounts of time.  Please get English speaking CSR's... I pay you money every month!!!


      Ps.  have a Nice Day!