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    Javascript - Populate dates




      I was hoping you could help me with a javascript code.


      I have a date form field that requests a Report Week Ending date in this format:  April 7, 2014 (week ending is a Friday)

      The user selects the date using the calendar in the field.


      I have text fields label Sat through to Fri. Friday is the report week ending day. I need populate the fields based on the date selected in the Report Week Ending. The format needs to be in 1/1/2014.

      So based on the Report Ending Date above: Friday should read 4/7/2014.

      Thursday needs to read 4/6/2014

      Wednesday needs to read 4/5/2014


      At the moment these fields are text fields but I can change them to date fields if needed and mark them as Read Only.

      I really appreciate your help.