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    Exported movies only have first few frames of audio


      Hello everyone,


      I've encountered a strange new problem with Premiere Pro CC on the PC.


      For some reason, every time I export a movie now, no matter the format, it only contains the first few frames of audio then drops out everything else immediately afterward. The video tends to play fine, but the audio is just completely missing after a few frames.


      I feel as though it's some sort of muxing issue, but I do not understand why it is happening


      1. I have not had any major software updates, and my hardware has been the same.

      2. I have tried exporting with and without GPU acceleration.

      3. Just three days ago, on April 4, everything was working fine.

      4. When I open the project on my MacBook Pro, everything exports just fine.

      5. The audio always plays just fine when playing it inside the project, both on my PC and my MacBook Pro.

      6. A seemingly related issue is that some videos have been randomly failing exports in Media Encoder (this has never happened when exporting directly from PrPro, though). The error message I get is:



      - Encoding Time: 00:04:18

      04/07/2014 03:21:12 AM : Encoding Failed


      A low-level exception occurred in: H.264 (Exporter)



      Export Error

      Error compiling movie.



      Unknown error.



      Does this have something to do with a recent PC Premiere Pro update that I was not aware of?


      Here are my specs:


      Windows 7 Ultimate

      Intel Core2 Quad CPUQ 9550 2.83 ghz

      8 gigs of ram

      NVIDIA Geforce GTX 650

      Audio is going through the motherboard, though I also have NVIDIA High Definition Audio and NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM) installed.


      I am also currently working off of external G-DRIVEs.


      Anyone have any idea why this could be happening? This has been a very annoying problem.


      I am going to try reinstalling PrPro to see if that will fix things.