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    Absolutely unnaceptable


      l am sorry, but change to subscription only is a deal breaker.  This is basically paying ransom. And not a acceptable ammount for someone like me. For the three aplications I need - Photoshop, Illustrator and  Indesign € 103,29 per month, which is more than whole collection with € 88.55 per month. Even the later is pretty much an eighth of my salary. I know that there are some time limited offers for new users and CS users, but those are limited offers, so I can't count on them. I need to have my tools guaranteed, which I dont have with this system. Its not much of a service as much as it is holding my profession hostage.
      I wanted to update this year, but I made my mind. You lost customer here, and you pretty much lost all freelance graphics in middle europe.


      For me to submit to subscription based system, the pricing would have to be lower. And by lower I mean fractions of actual prices, not few euro lower. This system is very psychically tiring compared to perpetual licencing. You have to outweight it by something, and thats not the case right now. Cloud saving, multiple devices and frequent updates are not enough. Mostly because I just don't need any of these things. Its just a feature bloat that I have no use for and still I am forced to pay for it. So I am saying no. I am done with you, till something changes.