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    Verification code

    Giants of the Arts

      I finally received a verification code (so I can send photos via email) but Adobe is using the incorrect email.

      I've talked to two agents and purchased the upgraded version of Photoshop.

      What am I doing wrong!


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          Curt Y Level 7

          A verification code for what?  Perhaps I am out of the loop, but why would you need a verificaon code to send e-mail?

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            Giants of the Arts Level 1

            I used Photoshop Elements 5.0 for YEARS and easily sent photos using

            Photoshop. When I switched to Windows  7 a few months ago the EMAIL

            process changed.

            It asked me for a Verification Code which would allow me to send photos

            via Adobe email.

            I asked for the code numerous times (as directed by the site itself)

            with no avail.

            I called and spoke to Agent 1 who said I needed to update so I BOUGHT

            Elements 12 for $79.95.

            THAT asks me for a verification code too!


            After 2 days I finally received a code but it was for the OLD Photoshop

            Elements 5.0.

            I entered it and it still did not work.

            I just am so frustrated. Also, live chat said the department that

            handles this is only open on MF, 7am -5PM.



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              Level 7

              You posted to the Photoshop forum by mistake. I've moved your post to the Elements forum.

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                Little_Pale_Face Most Valuable Participant



                Adobe uses the email address that you specify in the organizer preferences.


                See Edit -> Preferences -> Sharing


                Is that the correct or incorrect address?


                If you change it, you will be sent a new verification code.



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                  Giants of the Arts Level 1


                  I'm so frustrated.

                  I've called tech support 3 times, spoke to 3 agents and got  3 different


                  I even upgraded (79.99) to Elements 12 (agent's suggestion so I could

                  email photos on Adobe)

                  Still can't send photos on [removed]


                  I went to EDIT, PREFERENCES and SHARE. Put in [removed] as my

                  email server.

                  (One agent said Adobe probably doesn't recognize Cox.net so I should

                  change to hotmail.com. I tried that with no solution.)


                  I WOULD LIKE TO USE [removed] as my email server.

                  I went to EDIT, PREFERENCES and typed in [removed]


                  I still get no vertification code on that.

                  Will I never get a verification code because of using Cox.net?


                  PLEASE help. Waiting on the phone just doesn't help. It's been 3 nights.

                  THANK you for whatever you do for me.


                  [private data removed]

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                    mytaxsite.co.uk Level 6



                    something@cox.netis not a server;  It is your email address and you shouldn't be putting it on this public forum because you are making it easy for sppamers to get hold of it and they will send you all sorts of posts including something you don't want to have in your inbox.  Please edit your posts and remove the c***from the address.


                    To use Adobe servers, the first thing you need to do is to launch your PSE Organizer and then go to:


                    Edit >> Preferences >> sharing


                    Now fill out the form exactly as this picture (click on it to get a bigger picture)  EXCEPT put your real name for "Your-Name"





                    This is all there is to it.  when the above window is closed after you have clicked OK then click on share Tab on top right corner of the window and follow the online instructions.  You will get the opportunity to request a new verification code as shown in this picture:




                    Hope this helps but please post back if you don't understand anything in this post.  I will explain it to you.


                    You didn't need to buy new version just for this function.  Also, you don't have to use Adobe Email Service.  You can use your own Email client such as Outlook or Windows Live Mail.  On Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, Thunderbird isn't supported and I have posted a bug on Mozilla website.  hope this gets fixed soon.


                    Good luck.



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                      Giants of the Arts Level 1


                      I thank you for trying to help me.

                      You are talking to a 70 year OLD woman who is really trying!!


                      I thank you for letting me know I should REMOVE my email from my forum



                      I am embarassed to say I do not know how to do that.


                      (Since I wasn't getting any useful info with REAL agents I tried looking

                      at the forum but I cannot remember how I got there, nor how to delete my

                      name (email name, at least).


                      Thanks. Maybe people will just ignore my silly question.


                      PS. I DID go through the steps you suggested (Launched my PSE Organizer,

                      edit, preferences, sharing, putting in my real name.

                      It then asks for my email (which I fill in) and I must click on "sender

                      verification" for the vertification code. I just never receive a code on

                      my email.


                      Anyway, how do I get to the forum profile so I can delete my email?

                      Thank you.


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                        mytaxsite.co.uk Level 6


                        Anyway, how do I get to the forum profile so I can delete my email?

                        Thank you.



                        First, Adobe Forums must be under going updates at this time so you won't receive anything in the email.  You just have to wait until morning.


                        As to your personal details in post # 5, Barbara will remove it when she is around here.  she is our boss here to make sure we behave and respect each other here.  Don't worry about it.