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    custom editors in endeca using flash builder


      I am using flash builder 4.6 version for developing MXML file for creating my custom components.



      I stucked at  one point.



      I am developing custom editors for the Oracle Endeca Workbench.



      For that oracle peopel suggested use of "ExperienceManagerAPI-3.1.2.swc" API


      I have followed the entire steps for instaling it.


      For more information "Experience Manager Editor Developer's Guide Version 3.1.1 • December 2012"



      Now problem is that I tried to open the RichTextEditor.mxml file in FB 4.6



      But i am not able to get access the below classes provoided in the CDATA section of the file



        import mx.utils.StringUtil;

                                    import com.endeca.tools.pagebuilder.events.EditorEvent;

                                    import com.endeca.tools.pagebuilder.model.content.IProperty;

                                    import com.endeca.tools.pagebuilder.model.content.IContentItem;

                                    import com.endeca.tools.pagebuilder.model.content.IStringProperty;





      My question is that how i can add this classes to my custom module. Is there any jar specific to it or any way of setting build path??



      I am asking this question because i am able to access flex specific "Alert" --import mx.controls.Alert;



      Now i have to add my endeca specific classess in action script for my requirenment.



      Kindly help me...