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    Auto renewed year-long commitment subscription without any warnings or confirmations


      Hello Adobe.


      I am going to be honest, I am pretty angry right now. Not only was my subscription automatically renewed (by the way, how do I turn out said automatic renewal option?) without warning, but I was also automatically placed in the year long contract category, without my apporval of doing such.


      I received no notification that the subscription year was ending soon, never recieved notification that it was going to be renewed, and no notification that I was being renewed in the year-long commitment category. I double-checked my email, JUST to make sure I really didn't just miss the email, but I have only found payment confirmations dating back six months (my subscription renewed last February).


      I am angry, because I really don't like being signed up for a commitment contract without actually signing or approving it. To me, it is shady, and highly unprofessional. Take into extra account that in order to actually cancel this subscription, I am now required to pay half the remaining months up front. Explain to me how this is good, how this is correct. I really don't understand, because I am now required to pay for something I didn't technically ask for, without any confirmation that I actually wanted it.