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    Flipbook Software without Flash

    jfk00ca Level 1

      We are working with a client who has a designer create a magazine layout in In Design (a typical magazine is 35+ pages.) They have just switched designers and now don't know what flipbook program the original designer was using or what the best option is for maximum compatibility (ipad/iphone) and also having the ability to search across mutliple flipbook files, not just a single file.


      I really have two questions:

      1) What is the best software to use to turn a single In Design file into a searchable, Flash-based flipbook?


      2) In addition to the .swf flipbook, if I want to make all magazines searchable, is a second PDF version the best option, or have thing progressed so that we can now look at using HTML5 as an additional resource, or even better, the only resource?


      The ideal solution for our company would be to find a program that the (mac-based) designer can use and then just give her the ability to upload the appropriate files.


      Thanks in advance!



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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I hate the whole flipbook thing so let me get that out of the way first.

          While flash will continue to be a very viable option for game developers and

          others using it for HTML5 work, it's dead for this type of thing.


          If you expect any of your work to be viewed by those on mobile devices,

          forget about it now and start looking at other alternatives. Having a page

          curl isn't worth what you'll be faced with as far as the loss of your



          Stick with a well done PDF and you're going to have the best possible output

          and by sticking with that one output you won't be wasting time and effort

          trying to do the same thing twice or three times.


          Keep in mind that's just my opinion and I'm sure others will disagree and

          that's okay.

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            jfk00ca Level 1

            I agree Bob.


            The challenge here is that our clients and the readers of their magazine have come to really like the flipbooks and already have about 30 magazines published on their site. As I mentioned, we will likely end up providing both a pdf and flipbook.


            The original designer says he created his own flipbook software, so that doesn't help us. Looking at all of the different products on the market, I'd love some suggestions as for what the best options are, keeping in mind that in addition to the usual flip feature, they also need to be searchable. (The current software will create an index of pages that match your keyword search and then highlight the keywords on the page as well, which is a nice feature.)


            Does anyone know of software with this feature?


            Cheers, Julie