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    Strange scaling on external monitor?


      Hi All,


      Please excuse me if this is newbie question. I have searched the forum and can't find an answer...


      I'm sure I'm missing a software setting somewhere but under cirtain circumstances AE scales the output to my external monitor to approx 25% and centers the smaller image.

      This is annoying and not usual video system behaviour. Its wrong for all sorts of resaons e.g not having your preview image size jump around while your clients are watching, and being able to scale the viewer down to move off-screen objects while still monitoring your output at full scale etc etc.


      When you force the AE viewer to display 100% by using the drop down menu bottom left then the output is 100% on the external monitor. Selecting a setting lower than 100% causes the monitor ouput to switch to the scaled down and cetered image. Also leaving the viewer set to 'Fit up to 100%' and dragging the viewer window to make it's workspace smaller also causes the output to scale down once you reach a certain reduced viewer workspace size. Regardless of the workspace size hitting the 100% setting from the dropdown menu fixes the monitor output but when the viewer workspace is scaled down using 'Fit to 100%' no longer fixes the problem.


      I first checked in with Matrox to to see if it was a O2 mini setting that I was missing but everything is fine from that end. The viewer in PPro behaves normally which leads me to think that I'm missing an AE software setting.


      System: i7 4930K 4.2Ghz, 32Gb RAM, Nvidia GTX 760 2Gb.

      OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit)

      PPro: 7.2.1

      SG: 7.2.1x100


      Matrox O2 Mini Driver: 7.5.2 1980


      Any thoughts would be much appreciated.




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Don't think there is anything wrong here. That's just how AE works. all the Matrox output does is refelct the comp buffer on teh external monitor and that is it. whatever chnges you do in the main comp therefore wil lbe inherited.



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            Tcordeaux Level 1

            I don't think I explained the problem properly. I cannot believe that this behaviour would be by design as it doesn't follow any logic or the usual conventions of any other compositing system I've ever seen or worked on.


            The external monitor should (IMHO) ALWAYS show the final output regardless of the scaling of the viewer. This enables you to see what you are doing to your image as a whole when you are zoomed right in or out in your viewer for the purposes of manipulating layers and objects. I could accept that it was 'normal' behaviour (even if wrong in my opinion) if when I zoomed in on my viewer the external monitor followed and displayed the zoomed in image but it doesn't do that either. What it does is snap suddenly to an arbitrary approx 25% image centred in the middle of the screen if the viewer is set to anything less than 100%. Looks more like a bug than a feature to me. UInless I'm missing a setting somewhere.