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    Problem printing documents from a Script


      Hello, I have developed a JavaScript for InDesign Server CS6.
      The JavaScript take the InDesign document and send it to print to a poscript printer.
      Usually the script works correctly, but after some executions it appear the error message "There is a problem with the font "---------"".

      At the beginning I thought that the font was corrupt but it makes no sense because if I restart the InDesign Server and launch the execution with the same document, It works correctly.

      I have reviewed the script, and we are sure that the script is correct.

      The documents should be correct because if I launc any document after restarting the application It works OK.

      The fonts seem be OK, following the same reason that I say about the document.

      So we don't know where is the problem but it is an important problem.

      could someone help me?